Name Description Date compare tool compare tool web application compare tool web application (for older browsers respective browsers having issues) compare tool: A Java application (Web & Standalone) to diff respective compare entire file hierarchies (zip-files or directories), input streams and documents in different formats.
The underlying algorithm is based on a variation of Eugene W. Myers diff algorithm (O(ND) Difference Algorithm), can process any kind of input streams (preferably character input streams), supports filtering based on regular expressions and provides different tuning options.
The underlying library is more accurate than Meld, Eclipse and sometimes even Beyond Compare. More powerful than Meld and Eclipse supporting filtering based on regular expressions. And last but not least has comparable performance to the afore mentioned diff / comparison tools.

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November 2016 js regular expression library


API Reference js regular expression library: A JavaScript Regular Expression library, extending the standard RegExp class with missing functionality.
  • Regular expression group based search & replace!
  • Full indexed exec method functionality!

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April 2017 JavaScript Development ( HTMLHTML A4PDF )

This is a documentation on JavaScript with the following content: Directory & Naming Convention, NPM (Package Manager for Java-Script) (Installation, Setup, Directory Structure, Unit Testing, Intellij, Workflow, Publishing), YARN, Private registry/repository (Nexus Repository OSS), Separate File versus In-Line HTML, Data Structure (Types, Pointers, String, Function, DOM), Object Orientation (Inheritance), Functionality (Parameters, Recursive Function, Nested Function, Copy-Paste, Log, RegExp, Cursor Positioning, Contenteditable), Performance, JSON, TypeScript, AngularJS 1 (Download, Documentation, Java, View, Controller, Scope, Filter, Directive, JSON, TreeView, Call Function, Server Communication), Angular 2.

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August 2017